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This is a toy implementation in Go of the well-known chosen-ciphertext attack against RSA-OAEP found by Manger.

James Manger showed that, despite being formally secure, normal implementations of PKCS #1 v2.0 RSA-OAEP decoding were vulnerable to an adaptive chosen ciphertext attack, whose principle is relatively simple.

The present repo is an implementation of that attack in Go, against a modified, vulnerable RSA-OAEP decryption function instead of the one from the crypto/rsa package. The current crypto/rsa package implementation may have a timing discrepancy in the leftPad function which could lead to Manger attack, but if it does, then the signal is too low to be exploitable, even locally (according to my benchmarks).

To test it

You can use the modded RSA library I included to test the code by simply running:

go test -v ./mangerattack -run TestOracleWithModdedRSA

To use it with your own oracle

You can call this as a package and provide the MangerAttack(Oracle) function with your oracle. It needs to satisfy the interface "Oracle" so that it accepts a Decrypt(*big.Int) function that will send the said big Integer to the oracle, and a Query() bool function that will provide your oracle's answer whether the decrypted plaintext is >= B (true, then is has no leading 0 after decryption) or not (false, it has one or more leading zeros after decryption).

An example is provided in attack_test.go that uses Go's "blackbox testing" to show how to implement the interface.

Intellectual property

Copyright (c) 2016 Nagravision SA, all rights are reserved.

rsa.go and parts of utils.go are copyright The Go Authors, with modifications copyright Nagravision SA.


This is a toy implementation in Go of the well known chosen ciphertext attack against RSA-OAEP found by Manger.




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