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A C++ Redis CLI client connection string (URI) connector.
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Redis CLI CS

A C++ Redis CLI client connection string (URI) connector.

Basically the program parses its first parameter/argument which is a connection string (URI) to a Redis server, then launches the redis-cli program with the proper parameters to connect to a Redis server.

Installation and usage video.

Build Status


The program works on UNIX systems where the redis-cli (redis-tools) client is avaiable. You have to compile the source code. You need the g++ compiler, and the GNU make.

If you want to compile and run the unit tests you need the GoogleTest lib.

First you have to clone the repository: git clone

Then you compile the source and install the program:

cd redis-cli-cs
sudo make install

Make install copies the redis-cli-cs executable program to the /usr/local/bin directory.

So if you want to "uninstall" the program just delete the executable: rm /usr/local/bin/redis-cli-cs


To get HTML documentation into the docs directory, just use Doxygen in the source root directory.

doxygen Doxyfile

Test, develop

If you want to just test or develop the code you can use a Vagrant box.

Start a Vagrant box and SSH into it:

vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Compiles the source, runs unit tests, test the client, generates docs:

cd /vagrant
make tests
make install
redis-cli-cs redis://
doxygen Doxyfile

How to use

If you want to connect to the Redis server which parameters are the following:

  • hostname: localhost
  • port: 12345
  • pasword: passw
  • db index: 6

You have to use this command:

redis-cli-cs redis://:passw@localhost:12345/6

Which will execute the following command: redis-cli -a "passw" -h "localhost" -p "12345" -n "6"

If you want to pass params to redis-cli: redis-cli-cs redis://:passw@localhost:12345/6 --bigkeys --latency-history

Will execute this: redis-cli -a "passw" -h "localhost" -p "12345" -n "6" --bigkeys --latency-history

The redis-cli program have to be in your PATH to make redis-cli-cs workable.


The MIT License (MIT)

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