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Examples for Anyblok WMS

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Anyblok / WMS Examples is provided under the terms of the MPL v2.0.

Namely, for the present file:

This file is a part of the AnyBlok / WMS Examples project

Copyright (C) 2018 Georges Racinet <>

This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,You can obtain one at


This example simulates a very basic selling workflow: products are supposed to be jeans (one for each size) as units or packs (only packs enter the system).

At the beginning of each timeslice, the regular workers will order some packs if needed and issue some random final customer sale orders, with the corresponding Reservation Requests.

There are only three Locations: incoming, stock and outgoing. Packs arrive in incoming, are moved to stock where they are unpacked.

The delivery process moves the goods to the outgoing location before issuing Departures.

Everything is processed using the Reservation concepts and related architectural processes, by specialization of the process models provided by :ref:`wms_example_launcher`


This Blok provides a multiprocessed console script that should be partly included in anyblok_wms_base itself.

The principle is that Reserver and Planner processes work continuously, whereas regular worker processes act in coordinated timeslices, which one may think of simulating a day's work.

In the context of examples serving as benches, one does not want to rely on wall clock time, the intent being to run as fast as possible. In that context, the timeslices are useful to postpone the execution of some Operations (typically, Arrivals).

Also, some Operations are performed only at the beginning of each timeslice, in order to keep artificial conflicts to a minimum (in continuously running benches, the very selection of work to be done is a source of conflicts in itself that wouldn't happen in real life).


Examples for Anyblok / WMS Base




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