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PHPillow is an object orientated wrapper for CouchDB.


The following prerequisites must be fulfilled to use PHPillow:

  • A running CouchDB installation from current trunk.

    We already adapted the library to the current changes for 0.9, so that it won't work any more with the old release in version 0.8.1, and older.

    Versions prior to 0.3-alpha worked only with older versions of CouchDB.

  • PHP 5.2

    The wrapped has been tested with the latest releases from the PHP 5.2 tree. It might also work with earlier versions of PHP, but this is not supported. Some features might only be available using LSB from PHP 5.3.

    Version prior to 0.3-alpha required PHP 5.3.


The library will stay in an alpha state at least as long as CouchDB is still alpha. We do not know about changes in API or storage mechanisms in CouchDB, so that we can't guarantee that the PHPillow API will stay completely stable, but we will try to keep backwards compatibility.


For the license we have chosen the LGPL 3 as a license. This license gives you a lot rights on the source code with limitations we know and have chosen intentionally.


The library has originally been developed as a part of Arbit, and the commit mails are still going to the same mailinglist, same for discussions. If you want to contribute to the library please send your patches to the mailinglist, or ask for commit access on either the mailinglist or IRC.


The mailinglist for discussion on PHPillow is available at You may subscribe by sending an email to


There is an IRC channel, where you may also discuss the library, submit patches or request commit access, which is currently located in the EuIRC: irc://

Coding and commit standards

The coding and commit are the same as for Arbit and are not up to discussion. You can find them under docs/coding_guidelines.txt. Please follow our coding standards when contributing to the library, otherwise your contributions may be rejected because of these plain formal issues.


There is a tutorial describing the basic usage of the library, which can be found at docs/tutorial.txt and a speed test which is a working script using the wrapper.

You may also find example documents and views in the document/ and view/ folders, which you may use as a starting point for you implementations.


PHPillow is an object orientated wrapper for CouchDB.







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