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Common Lisp webassembly tooling
Common Lisp
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Arboreta WebAssembly components

Common Lisp tooling for WebAssembly in the Arboreta environment. Far future goals include a native debugger for the browser target and progressive compatability of sbcl code.

arboret-wasm requires the WASM Binary Toolkit, code in is Lisp tooling for reading/writing wasm by Douglas Crosher of the WLL project


run "sbcl --core image.ccl --script test-server.lisp" against a sbcl image with the package requirements found in test-server.lisp to compile an executable Hunchentoot site at localhost:8004 serving /output/out.wasm


  • basic VM layout (see OCaml implementation )
  • CL parser
  • wasm generator
  • further bootstrapping CL repl
  • wasm runtime debugger in Arboreta
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