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Aricoin Network Source


What is Aricoin?

Aricoin is a digital P2P currency descended from Bitcoin, however, instead of using SHA-256, Aricoin uses the scrypt mining algorithm to generate blocks faster. Unlike other digital currencies, Aricoin allows you to tip any social media user or website with just a username or web URL. Full features can be used with

Coin Specifications

- The default ports are 16567 (Connect) and 16568 (RPC)
- 3 min block target
- Difference retargets each block (DarkGravity)
- 3  transaction confirmations
- 50 minted block confirmations
- Total coins will be 322,649,400


Our Chrome browser extension that acts as an interface between the entire web and Aricoin. Please install directly from Chrome

Use Aricoin

Official Website




Block Explorer


Mining Pools


Block Rewards

Genesis block, 3.2m Used for initial launch [2014]

Block 2-960, Between 2841 and 15,000 coins per block [2014]

Block 961-15,000, Between 1894 and 10,000 coins per block [2014]

Block 15,001-50,000, Payout 1000 coins per block [2014]

Block 50,001-150,000, Payout 500 coins per block [2014]

Block 150,001-300,000, Payout 300 coins per block [2015]

Block 300,001-500,000, Payout 200 coins per block [2016]

Block 500,001-1,000,000, Payout 100 coins per block [2017-2021]

Block 1,000,001 - 2,000,000, Payout 50 coins per block [2021-2026]

Block 2,000,001 - 3,000,000, Payout 10 coins per block [2027-2032]

Block 3,000,001 and afterwards, Payout 1 coin per block [2032+]


Connect: 16567

RPC: 16568

Magic Bytes: 0xc2, 0xdb, 0xf1, 0xfd

PUBKEY Address: 11

SCRIPT Address: 5

Genesis Hash: 6df743739be39a62277fb5f95dd9bb25c68ac03fd1293183f000315bd1c87e0f

Genesis Merkle Root: 5505f6c2e7ba7a8f2eee698ee6c2d49e019ed18435c29e4f64c70c9c226b83c2


Aricoin is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

Development and contributions

Developers work in their own trees, then submit pull requests when they think their feature or bug fix is ready.

The patch will be accepted if there is broad consensus that it is a good thing. Developers should expect to rework and resubmit patches if they don't match the project's coding conventions (see coding.txt) or are controversial.

The master branch is regularly built and tested, but is not guaranteed to be completely stable. Tags are regularly created to indicate new official, stable release versions of Aricoin.

Feature branches are created when there are major new features being worked on by several people.

From time to time a pull request will become outdated. If this occurs, and the pull is no longer automatically mergeable; a comment on the pull will be used to issue a warning of closure. The pull will be closed 15 days after the warning if action is not taken by the author. Pull requests closed in this manner will have their corresponding issue labeled 'stagnant'.

Issues with no commits will be given a similar warning, and closed after 15 days from their last activity. Issues closed in this manner will be labeled 'stale'.