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Email alerts for your favorite movies about to hit theaters
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Sends email alerts for movie tickets as soon as they become available.


  • Django
  • Celery
  • Gunicorn
  • Nginx
  • Redis
  • Docker


The project uses Mailgun for sending emails. You'll need a Mailgun API key.

You also need a Google OAuth2 app to use the Google Sign-in. Read how to get it setup from django-allauth documentation.

Change example.env to .env, fill in the necessary environment variables.

Running with Docker

The docker container runs using gunicorn by default and uses a Nginx server as a reverse-proxy to serve static files.

If you wish to run with default Django developement server, make the necessary changes in the Dockerfile

For development, there's a separate compose file you can run with: docker-compose -f up

NOTE: Change the defaultpass in docker-compose.yml (Redis command and POSTGRES_PASSWORD) to something more secure and set the same in the .env file for POSTGRES_PASSWORD.

Change defaultpass in REDISTOGO_URL to what you wrote in docker-compose.yml for Redis command

Start the container in detached mode (recommended) using:

docker-compose up -d

Create admin account:

docker exec -it diomedes_web python3 createsuperuser

Finally, populate the Region model by running:

docker exec -it diomedes_web python3 shell

>>> from moviealert.utils import *
>>> save_region_data()
>>> save_subregion_data()
>>> save_theater_data()

The last function will take some time, and may timeout sometimes, run it multiple times to make sure you have all the theater data.

To stop and remove all containers: docker-compose down --remove-orphans

NOTE: Change the Google Analytics tracking code in base.html with your own if you are hosting the project publically somewhere else so that your traffic doesn't get logged with mine.

Inspired by django_moviealert


MIT License

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