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This repository represents a collection of projects that were build with ARKEcosystem technology on various hackathons.

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  1. Forked from s4shyam95/ark_fund

    It provides Investors and Investees alike with a platform to find exciting campaigns and token offerings on the platform, whereas Investees get a chance to get their idea out there to a large netwo…

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  2. Forked from quarkw/arkmo-app

    The mobile app for all your cryptocurrency payments between friends, written in react-native. Inspiration This december, when the price of bitcoin was skyrocketing, there was also an influx of peo…


  3. Forked from markpseda/LocalARKCrypto

    With and their Blockchain solutions we implemented a location-specific currency with unique economic models. Using this currency, experiments can be run on a regional scale before being more…


  4. Forked from lexvanderstoep/MedicalBlockchain

    A project for Cambridge Hackathon 2018. It uses blockchain technology and IPFS for file sharing between medical services.

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  5. Forked from music/charkity

    Our application allows users to sign up for Ark wallets. When they create transactions, the amount is rounded up to the next 0.1 of an Ark, and the difference is sent to the public address of a cha…


  6. Forked from kristjank/ark-presentation-ots-2018

    General Blockchain and ARK presentation with workshop hands-on slides. Click the link to view live slides.


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