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React + Koa Template

This template hooks you up with everything you need to build a React SPA with a Koa backend.

By using this template for your next project, you

  • Can write code that matters instead of spending hours on the configuration.
  • Get a toolset that works for both backend and frontend without unnecessary fragmentation.
  • Feel secure in the code you write thanks to TypeScript.
  • Are familiar with the industry's favorite libraries.
  • Don't have to pull your hair, struggling with Webpack.

Want more? Take a look at the Demo, it got tons of cute dogs.

Lighthouse Audit

Quick Start

Create your repository from this template or clone it as is.

Install the dependencies


Run the application

yarn dev

Then visit http://localhost:3000/ to see it in action.

The application

The application in this repository consists of two parts, the backend, and the frontend. They are located in src/server and src/app respectively.

The backend uses Koa, a framework made by the team behind Express. It renders and serves the app as well as provide an API for data access.

The frontend is a React app built using Webpack.


Make your application shine with Tailwind CSS, a utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom designs.

Tailwind works great with a component-based approach such as React and makes it easy for people of different levels of CSS knowledge to create beautiful pages.

export default function CorgiCard({ image, text }: CorgiCardProps): ReactElement {
  return (
    <div className="bg-white border-gray-400 mb-8 mx-4 p-4">
      <img src={ `/images/${ image }`} className="block border-gray-400 h-64 mb-4 object-cover w-48" />

      <div className="w-48">
        <p className="break-normal px-4 text-sm text-center text-gray-700">
          { text }

Tailwind CSS is built using PostCSS and that's set up to use within the project. Tailwind can be customized using the configuration file src/app/tailwind.js.

You might have noticed that the CSS bundle is gigantic. This is because TailwindCSS generates a ton of different classes you can use. In production, PurgeCSS is scanning your components and removes unused styles. For this to work correctly, don't use string concatenation to build your class names. Learn more.


The entire application is tested using Jest and you can use either yarn test or yarn test:watch to run them. For the API endpoints, supertest is used to do integration tests. An example of this can be found in src/server/api/corgi.spec.ts.

For the React part, Testing Library is the way to go. It can be used to render components and make assertions against them.

it('Shows a picture of a Corgi', () => {
  render(<CorgiCard image='corgi.png' text='Describing text.' />);

  const image = screen.getByRole('img');

  expect(image).toHaveAttribute('alt', 'Describing text.');
  expect(image).toHaveAttribute('src', '/images/corgi.png');


You can make sure you and your team keep the code style consistent by running yarn lint. This is powered by ESLint and rules can be added or removed in .eslintrc.js.

Server-Side Rendering

To improve the performance and to help crawlers, your React app will be rendered server-side. When a page is requested the server will render the HTML from src/app/index.html. It will also render the App component and insert its markup into the final HTML document.


The whole application can be built with the command

yarn build

Once it has been built, you can start it with

yarn start

The server will listen to port 3000 by default and it can be overridden by setting the environment variable PORT.


Everything you need to build an React SPA with a Koa backend.








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