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CRLS Aspen Frontend (and more...)
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Who needs Aspen when you have Aspine. It serves as a one stop shop for everything Aspen related, and there are rainbows!

Getting Started

Using Aspine is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just visit and login with your Aspen credentials.


  • Aesthetic Grade Checking
  • CRLS Clock

CRLS Clock Image

  • Grade Comparison via boxplot

Example Boxplot Image

  • Calendar

Example Calendar Image

  • Chat with your classmates (coming soon...)


How are usernames and passwords handled?

Short answer: Aspine does not store any usernames or passwords.

Long answer: Aspine works by simulating a login on Aspen and formatting the data received. In doing this, it must transmit your username and password to the Aspen server. However, your login information is transmitted completely over encrypted connections (HTTPS), and it is not retained by Aspine at all. This can be verified by anyone who can read code, as all of our code is out in the open on this repository. If you are particularly paranoid, you can run Aspine locally on your computer instead of using the instance; instructions are below in the section "Contributing / Locally Running Aspine".

How are calculated grades computed?

First, calculated category percentages are computed by dividing a student's total earned points within a category by the total available points for that category. Then, the category percentages are multiplied by their respective weights and summed in order to produce the calculated grade for a class.


  • Assignments scored with free text (i.e. "Missing", "Exempt") are ignored during grade computation. (Improvements coming soon)
  • Due to the mysterious workings of Aspen, it is impossible to achieve 100% accuracy when making grade prediction calculations. That being said, Aspine's cutting edge grade calcuation algorithm is unmatched.

Built With

Contributing / Locally Running Aspine

Feel free to suggest an enhancement or post a bug issue either via github issues or this google form!

If you would like to directly contribute to Aspine, you can fork this repository and clone your fork on your computer with a git client. Please use the develop branch as the base of your changes.

If you would just like to try out Aspine on your computer, you can click on "Clone or download" above the file list and download and extract a ZIP file with Aspine.

  • Make sure that you have installed node.js, including npm.
    • On Linux-based operating systems, you should be able to find node.js in your package manager (e.g. apt/dpkg, yum/dnf, zypper, pacman, or a GUI such as Ubuntu Software Center or GNOME Software); npm may be in a separate package.
    • On macOS, node.js (including npm) is available on Homebrew as node. To install Homebrew and node, you can run the script by opening a terminal, using cd to navigate to the directory where you cloned or downloaded Aspine, then typing ./
    • On Windows, the node.js installer can be downloaded from the website. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Install additional dependencies through node.js (this must be done each time you clone or download Aspine). If you used the macOS install script, you can skip this step.
    • On Unix-like operating systems (includes Linux-based and macOS), open a terminal, use cd to navigate to the directory where you cloned or downloaded Aspine, and run npm install.
    • On Windows, double-click on the script npminstall.bat. The .bat file extension may be invisible depending on your system configuration.
  • Run the Aspine server.
    • On Unix-like operating systems, run node ./serve.js insecure or ./ in a terminal from the directory where you cloned or downloaded Aspine.
    • On Windows, double-click on the script start.bat. The .bat file extension may be invisible depending on your system configuration.


Color Scheme

Color Palette

Primary Color: #00551D
Secondary Colors:
 - #268A48
 - #107031
 - #003913
 - #001E0A

Grade Lettering and Coloring

Grade Range Letter Primary Color Secondary Color
96.5 - 100 A+ #1E8541 #3d995c
92.5 - 96.4 A #1E8541 #3d995c
89.5 - 92.4 A- #1E8541 #3d995c
86.5 - 89.4 B+ #6666FF #a3a3f5
82.5 - 86.4 B #6666FF #a3a3f5
79.5 - 82.4 B- #6666FF #a3a3f5
76.5 - 79.4 C+ #ff9900 #eba947
72.5 - 76.4 C #ff9900 #eba947
69.5 - 72.4 C- #ff9900 #eba947
66.5 - 69.4 D+ Orange #ebb147
62.5 - 66.4 D Orange #ebb147
59.5 - 62.4 D- Orange #ebb147
0 - 59.4 F Red #eb4747


Our privacy policy can be viewed at


Copyright Aspine contributors 2020.

This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 - see the file for details.

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