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Go SDK for 3D File Formats

Aspose.3D Cloud SDK for Go empowers your Go Lang applications to connect with 3D document formats. The APIs let engineers read, convert, build, alter and control the substance of the 3D document formats in the Cloud. All without any 3D modeling and rendering software installed on the machine.

Process 3D Objects & Files in the Cloud

  • Create 3D entities - Box, Sphere, Plane, Torus, Cylinder.
  • Perform processing of 3D models and attributes.
  • Perform transformation, translation, rotation & scaling of 3D objects.
  • Convert 3D files to other format.
  • Convert whole of the 3D file or convert a specific part only.
  • Extract 3D scenes and export to various formats.
  • Perform parametric modeling, 3D modeling & data processing.
  • Create cloud-based folder structure & perform cloud-based conversion of 3D files.
  • Extract 3D raw data from PDF. Password-protected 3D PDF file supported as well.
  • Supports working with triangulate meshes, triangulate whole or part of the 3D scene.
  • Remove 3D objects from a scene.

Read & Write 3D Formats

Additive Manufacturing Format AMF, 3D Studio 3DS, AVEVA RVM, Google Draco DRC, Collada DAE, AutoCAD DXF, Autodesk FBX, Wavefront OBJ, 3D PDF, Polygon File Format PLY, Standard Triangle Language STL, Universal3D U3D, GL Transmission Format GLTF

Read-Only Formats

Siemens JT, DirectX X, 3D Manufacturing Format 3MF, 3D Studio Max ASE

Write 3D Formats As


Enhancements Version 20.5

  • Added support to read/write more file formats.
  • Added support for HTML file format conversion.
  • New feature added to Triangulate part of the scene (Specified by OAP) and save the scene to a different file.

Get Started with Aspose.3D Cloud SDK for Go

Register an account at Aspose Cloud Dashboard to get you application information. Next, download the repository and refer to three_d_cloud_test.goor download the Go Module using import ""1 from your application.

Convert 3D to PDF Conversion in GO

	// Get your ClientId and ClientSecret from (free registration required).
	threeDCloudApi , ctx, _ := api.NewThreeDCloudApiService("MY_CLIENT_ID", "MY_CLIENT_SECRET", "")
	response, httpResponse, err := threeDCloudApi.PostConvertByFormat("sample.3d", "pdf", "output.pdf")

Aspose.3D Cloud SDKs in Popular Languages

.NET Java PHP Python Ruby Node.js Swift Perl GO
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Go SDK to communicate with Aspose.3D REST API. Create, Edit or Convert 3D files & objects in the Cloud.








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