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Swift Init Generator

Swift 4.2 atimca

Swift Init Generator is an Xcode Source Editor extension that makes it easy to generate your init, especially for public types.


  • No longer hack your Xcode to install custom plugins.
  • 📃 Generate Init from any selected variables, filter static, computed and etc.


Generation From The Selected Lines

Swift Init Generator - Example


  • Download latest SwiftInitGenerator package from the Releases.
  • Copy SwiftInitGenerator to your Applications folder.
  • Launch SwiftInitGenerator once. You can close it immediately afterwards.
  • Go to System Preferences > Extensions > Xcode Source Editor > select Swift Init Generator

Swift Init Generator - Installation

Setting Hotkey in Xcode

  • Open Xcode
  • Go to Xcode > Preferences > Key Bindings
  • Type 'Swift Init Generator' in search field
  • Assign + + + I to Generate Init From Selected Lines

Swift Init Generator - Hotkeys


Pull requests, issues and suggestions are warmly welcome.

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