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Hasty Heroes

An endless 2D jumping game, select a avatar, choose a environment and start playing. Dont fall off the platforms and dont hit the spike balls!

How to Play/ Build

1. Play the game

Download the game from here . Start the application and and then follow the instructions below to start playing. Try to score as many points as you can!

2. Building from the repo

Clone the repository, then navigate to it on your terminal and run npm install, once all the dependencies have finished downloading, run npm start to test it, and npm run dist to build it for your platform.


  • Select your environment, cycle through the 3 available ones by hitting spacebar.
  • Click on a avatar to begin.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move on the platforms.
  • Press the up key to jump
  • Dont fall below the screen, and dont hit the Spike Balls

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The game assets including the background and the tiles were made by Kenny, the character sprites were made by MadFireOn, and the idea for the game was inspired by a tutorial from Joshmorony.