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A shared iBeacon identifier scheme for common use cases. Using this enables apps to work across different iBeacon vendors and provides a simplified setup process to link apps to iBeacons. This ID scheme is specifically made for casual use cases. If you are looking into large scale or commercial iBeacon deployments, this is not quite for you, but feel free to use it as an inspiration.


Apps that support Open Beacon Credentials allow easy linking of iBeacon using auto-detection and auto-naming.

Supporting Apps


As recommended by Apple all iBeacons ranged by a specific app share a UUID. The Major/Minor ID helps to drill down to a specific iBeacon. The Major ID is used to define a rough localization by room. The Major ID drills down to a specifc spot or object where the iBeacon is placed or integrated. To leverage the benefits of Open Beacon Credentials in the supporting apps you need to update its UUID and pick one of the preset names to drive the choice for your Major/Minor ID. Check out our wiki if more information about how to change the ID of your iBeacon.


Required for auto-detection


Major ID ≈ Room

Required for auto-naming

0 - 99 Custom Range
0 Portable
1 - 99 Reserved for individual usage
100 - 199 Home
101 Entrance
102 Hallway
103 Living Room
104 Kitchen
105 Bedroom
106 Bathroom
107 Office
108 Closet
109 Balkony
200 - 299 Work
201 Entrance
202 Kitchen
203 Bathroom

Minor ID ≈ Object

Required for auto-detection

0 - 99 Custom Range
0 - 99 Reserved for individual usage
100 - 199 Furniture
101 Sofa
102 Table
103 Wardrobe
104 Bed
105 Chair
106 Desk
107 Cupboard
200 - 299 Appliance
201 Fridge
202 Boiler
203 Stove
204 Oven
205 Coffee
206 Tea
207 Wage
208 Washing Machine
300 - 399 Electronics
301 TV
302 Projector
303 Gaming
304 Stereo
305 Charger
306 Computer
400 - 499 Luggage
401 Backpack
402 Suitcase
403 Bag
500 - 599 Mobility
501 Bike
502 Car
600 - 699 Wearables
601 Watch
602 Band
603 Headphones
604 Apparel
605 Shoes
606 Purse

Version 1.0

Wow, crazy! You made it through this whole page. Find more information on our blog and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates


A shared iBeacon identifier scheme for common personal use cases







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