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Lickitung is fork from Scapegoat, enhance the static analyze tool.

Scapegoat is a Scala static code analyzer, what is more colloquially known as a code lint tool or linter. Scapegoat works in a similar vein to Java's FindBugs or checkstyle, or Scala's Scalastyle.

A static code analyzer is a tool that flag suspicious language usage in code. This can include behavior likely to lead or bugs, non idiomatic usage of a language, or just code that doesn't conform to specified style guidelines.


  • Scala: 2.11.7
  • sbt: 0.13.9

Lickitung is fork from Scapegoat 0.94.0.

Lickitung is developed as a scala compiler plugin, which can then be used inside your build tool.


Here is sample output from the console during the build for a project with warnings/errors:

[warning] [scapegoat] Unused method parameter - org.ensime.util.ClassIterator.scala:46
[warning] [scapegoat] Unused method parameter - org.ensime.util.ClassIterator.scala:137
[warning] [scapegoat] Use of var - org.ensime.util.ClassIterator.scala:22
[warning] [scapegoat] Use of var - org.ensime.util.ClassIterator.scala:157
[   info] [scapegoat]: Inspecting compilation unit [FileUtil.scala]
[warning] [scapegoat] Empty if statement - org.ensime.util.FileUtil.scala:157
[warning] [scapegoat] Expression as statement - org.ensime.util.FileUtil.scala:180

And if you prefer a prettier report, here is a screen shot of the type of HTML report scapegoat generates:



For instructions on suppressing warnings by file, by inspection or by line see the sbt-scapegoat README.

Lickitung Inspections

There are 3 inspections created or enhanced by Lickitung.

Name Brief Description
UnnecessaryOverride Checks for code that overrides parent method but simply calls super
ImportOrder Import order is not beautiful, should be java->javax->scala->others
NullReturn Return null in function, use Some[T] or None to replace

Original Inspections

There are 107 inspections from original Scapegoat 0.94.0. An overview list see scalac-scapegoat-plugin.