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Getting the database

To download the BDNYC Database (currently version 1.0), fork this repo or download the zip file of its contents.

Please include a reference to the Zenodo record in all publications which make use of the database.


Using the database

The BDNYC Database is a binary SQL file with a .db extension which can be accessed in many ways.

However, we recommend you get the most out of your astronomy SQL databases via Python with astrodbkit.

Here is how you would load the database using astrodbkit:

from astrodbkit import astrodb
db = astrodb.Database('/path/to/bdnyc_database.db')

Alternatively, the database can be created from the individual ascii tables (in tabledata/) by supplying the schema file to astrodbkit:

from astrodbkit import astrodb
db = astrodb.Database('bdnyc_database.sql', directory='tabledata')

Contributing your datasets

To contribute to this public repository, fork this repo, add your data using astrodbkit, and issue a pull request.

If you are adding spectra, we require the files to be hosted by a public online academic library or similarly long-lived data or research repository. All data in the current version are hosted by the CUNY Academic Works. Please get in touch if you have any problems identifying a home for your spectra.