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Buildings and Habitats object Model

Sustainable Code at Scale

Welcome to the BHoM!

The BHoM (Buildings and Habitats object Model) is a collaborative project for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry that aims to improve how we design the Built Environment and human Habitats.

BHoM is a collection of schemas, functionality and interoperability infrastructure, developed with the aim of improving the way we work and communicate in AEC. BHoM is crafted as transdisciplinary, software-agnostic and office/region/country-invariant. BHoM is powered by an active, diverse community and a wide range of contributors.
The whole BHoM project uses an open-source model for project architecture, co-creation and planning. Please explore, experiment and contribute to both the source code and the documentation! Open-source means we can feed off and pool our disparate knowledge, experience and expertise towards a common goal – better design and a better Built Environment and Habitats for everyone.

Technical philosophy of the BHoM

The BHoM integrates concepts from different languages, coding environments and platforms. It's designed to be compatible with both visual flow-based programming (e.g. Grasshopper, Excel) and programming (in particular, C#). This is to integrate well in existing workflows of professionals in the AEC industry, regardless of their level of computational proficiency. BHoM aims to combine the work of professional programmers with the valuable efforts of computational designers/engineers/architects and scripters, all in the same ecosystem.


Please see! 🚀

Documentation and Q&A

All documentation can be found in!
We also have a space for questions and discussions:

Please let us know how can we improve it! Please raise GitHub Issues in the Documentation repo or start a Discussion.


  1. BHoM BHoM Public

    The Buildings and Habitats Core object Model repo

    C# 218 45

  2. documentation documentation Public

    Repository for all BHoM documentation. Including pages 🎓

    C# 75 12

  3. samples samples Public

    Getting started with the BHoM example scripts and code

    22 6

  4. admin admin Public

    Repository for raising central issues and questions; Regarding governance, process and multi-repo and framework compliance

  5. template-repository template-repository Public template

    This repository can be used to create brand new BHoM Toolkits 🚀

    C# 1


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