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Various scripts I release to the Netsuite developer community. The *.ts are TypeScript files. I find Typescript quite helpful in dealing with the Netsuite API. Not great to use if you have a number of developers in your account. All the *.d.ts files are the type definitions used by typescript to import type signatures for external APIs.

  • AJAXFunctions.js is a sort of legacy thing I wrote back before Netsuite updated their JavaScript engine to include the new array functions. The useful thing about it now is KOTNUtil.sendJSResponse that is useful for dealing with SuiteScript responses as JSON and automatically dealing with some common jsonp callback patterns

  • simpleBatch.js handles governance management for long running Scheduled Scripts

  • batchProcess.js handles governance for re-scheduling a scheduled script. Most use cases now superseded by SimpleBatch.js

  • kotnMergeTemplate is meant as a library to provide a drop-in replacement for scripts using nlapiMergeRecord. This script detects whether the template Id refers to an old CRMSDK template or a Scriptable Template and provides a file similar to the one returned from nlapiMergeRecord.

  • exposeImageNames and exposeItemTemplate are the sources for a couple of bundles 156149 and 41518 respectively. These copy some values from item record fields to expose them for search criteria and results.

  • calc*Dates functions are examples of doing business day calculations. Originally written to calculate expected delivery dates. calcNSWBusinessDays includes Easter and mandated days that don't necessarily follow a standard date or something like 2nd Monday of the month pattern.


Various scripts I release to the Netsuite developer community







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