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This is a repository for Community Mods made for the Borderlands series


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This is a repository for Community Mods made for the Borderlands series (specifically BL2 and BLTPS).

These mods should use the set command in the Unreal console to change in-game variables. If your mod has specific considerations you should make it clear how to install.

Check out the Wiki. If you want to find specific mods by category, check repository with sorted mods.

As of Aug, 8, 2018, the "issues" tab has been disabled due to repetitive questions, if you have any problems, please see The FaQ for patching and/or The FaQ for super randomizer, if the answer is not in those articles, please ask in the community Discords.


These mods can only be installed on PC and will never be ported to consoles due to technical and legal limitations.

All non-headhunter DLC is required for the patch and most mods. This includes both UVHMpacks and digistruct peak.

Support will most likely NOT be given for errors that the UCP cause due to missing DLC.

Individual mod support for errors is up to the author of the mod and is a case by case basis.

DO NOT EXPECT TO BE ENTITLED TO HELP, each member of BLCM and the discord is an individual first then a modder second, is doing this for free, and have (potentially busy) lives to live.

That being said most members of BLCM are more than willing to help if you remember this.


If you wish to contribute a mod:

please see the tutorial here

If you are part of BLCM you do not need to fork or pull request, simply drag and drop the file/folder to your directory

If you are an author or user and suspect that someone(s) contribution may be stolen, uploaded without approval, is against your personal policy for the distribution, modification of, derivative, and/or usage of their mod as a base to build upon, please contract an admin and/or the uploader to find a compromise. Do please however remember that there are situations where a mod is so simple enough that attempts to recreate it and/or its effects on gameplay simply is not possible without the equivalent of ( what would seem to be) copy-pasting it, under such times it will be allowed.

ModPack Policy

If you wish to contribute a modpack (or a compilation of mods):

  • it is highly recommended to provide a screenshot or other proof of agreement from EACH mod author of a mod you include in your modpack, regardless of attaining approval from them, or a screenshot of their policy showing proof that it complies with it, and will help your modpack be avalible as soon as possible.

  • preferably using an image gallery of screenshots using an image hosting website of your choice, such as

  • modpacks are submitted the same way as regular contributions, so please see the tutorial here.

If a modpack includes a mod(s) from an author ( or collaborative group of authors ) that did not approve of it beforehand, or is against their personal policy for the distribution, modification of, derivative, and/or inclusion of their mod(s) in modpacks or groups, without contacting the author for permission, it will be rejected as a pull request, or if previosly approved and found out at a later date it may or will be deleted with or without warning at the discression of a BLCM admin and /or the author themself if they have read/write access to BLCM.

  • UCP is an exception for the above


  • To download files click the green Clone or Download button in the top right if you want to download a mirror of the entire repository at the current point in time.

  • To downlaod an individual file, click the raw button in the top right of the bar that has raw | blame | history. Once the web page loads, Rclick and press save page as.

  • Installing the files follows methods discussed on the Wiki

The usage of "master files" has become strongly discouraged as Borderlands 2/TPS modding has become more complex. The use of master files will often end up breaking parts or all of the mods you're trying to use. Instead, always import mods into BLCMM, and only execute the single patch file that it saves.