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BLCMods Wiki

sniff sniff... Smells like... an off-worlder. How are you liking our wiki, anyways?

the wiki is always under heavy development, if you have any knowledge to share, please do so

This wiki attempts to serve as a central documentation point for dealing with Borderlands modding, specifically for Borderlands 2, The Pre-Sequel, Borderlands 3, and Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. (For BL1, you'll have to look elsewhere, alas.) There's information for people who just want to run mods, but the majority of the info is more geared towards folks who want to write mods themselves.

Most of the links down below are BL2/TPS-specific; we've got pages set up for Borderlands 3 and Tiny Tina's Wonderlands here:

Finding Mods

Or you can jump straight to the mod cabinets here:

User Modding Resources

Get started by installing Python SDK to set up the game for modding and allow the use of SDK mods. If you need to configure text mods you want to use the Borderlands Community Mod Manager (OpenBLCMM), which is the new replacement for FilterTool!


General-Purpose Tools

Modder's Tools

  • Unreal Package Decompressor - Required if you want to dig into Borderlands's UPK content directly
  • UE Explorer - Lets you browse around Borderlands UPK files directly; very useful if the data you're looking for isn't already bundled with FilterTool. Requires that the UPKs be decompressed with the Unreal Package Decompressor first.
  • FilterTool Explorer - Provides a tree-like view into OpenBLCMM's bundled object information, like UE Explorer does, but without needing to deal with UPKs.
  • Balanced Items Generator - Little utility to help visualize BalancedItems probabilities, and assist in figuring out the values you might want to change, for a mod.

Deprecated Tools


Modder's Resources: Information/HOWTOs/Tutorials

Registry Pages / Data Lookups

BehaviorProviderDefinition/Kismet Documentation

(If you don't know what this is already, it's not for you. They're quite complex. Get used to modding other stuff first, and then come back here once you've levelled up a few times.)

Borderlands 3

See Borderlands 3 Modding Info for our current BL3 documentation.


See Wonderlands Modding Info for our current Wonderlands documentation.