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Dr. Nic's irb extension to tell you what methods return a desired result

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README for what_methods

This is from Dr. Nic.  See

Ever asked: “if I have an object, what method can I call on it to get that result?”

See if this suits your console cravings:

    > 3.45.what? 3
    3.45.truncate == 3
    3.45.to_i == 3
    3.45.prec_i == 3
    3.45.floor == 3
    3.45.to_int == 3
    3.45.round == 3
    => ["truncate", "to_i", "prec_i", "floor", "to_int", "round"]
    > 3.45.what? 4
    3.45.ceil == 4
    => ["ceil"]
    > 3.55.what? 4
    3.55.ceil == 4
    3.55.round == 4
    => ["ceil", "round"]
    => ["+"]

Just what you need in the console.

Notice the last example: you can pass parameters after the desired result.  What? will tell
you what method will return the desired result if you pass those parameters to it.
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