Isometric game engine. Open world, block/voxel based and sprite rendering.
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Java 8


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Features in a nutshell

  • cross plattform
  • map loading and saving
  • open world map streaming
  • day-night cycle
  • modern 3d rendering (nomal map) and lighting with isometric sprites
  • destructable environment
  • in-game map editor
  • split screen support

Wurfel Engine uses Maven for dependency managment. It isb uilt on top of libGDX.

WurfelEngine.jar is not intended to work as a stand-alone application like the industry game engines (i.e. Unity). The engine is designed to be configured and programmed via source code in the programming language Java. This could be extended in the future.

A game engine is a huge collection of algorithms. Therefore there are many parts which can be further improved. Some wanted improvements can be found under Issues.