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Isometric game engine. Open world, block/voxel based and sprite rendering.
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Java 8


Screenshot 1

Features in a nutshell

  • cross plattform
  • map loading and saving
  • open world map streaming
  • day-night cycle
  • modern 3d rendering (nomal map) and lighting with isometric sprites
  • destructable environment
  • in-game map editor
  • split screen support

Wurfel Engine uses Maven for dependency management. It is built on top of libGDX.

WurfelEngine.jar is not intended to work as a stand-alone application like the industry game engines (i.e. Unity). The engine is designed to be configured and programmed via source code in the programming language Java.

A game engine is a huge collection of algorithms. Therefore there are many parts which can be further improved. Some wanted improvements can be found under Issues.

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