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Welcome to the Fogg wiki!

MIT licensed MIT licensed

Fogg is a PowerShell tool to aide and simplify the creation, deployment and provisioning of infrastructure (IaaS) in Azure using Azure Resource Manager (does not support Classic).

Fogg is still in Beta, so there may be bugs or changes to prior features that break previous releases (though I will try to keep that to a minimum). Any bugs/feature requests should be raised in the GitHub issues tab.


  • Deploy and provision Virtual Machines in Azure
  • Spin-up mulitple Resource Groups at once using a Foggfile
  • Has inbuilt provision scripts, with more that can be added on request
  • Inbuilt firewall ports for quicker allow/deny of in/outbound rules
  • Provision using:
    • PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)
    • Custom Scripts (ps1/bat)
    • Chocolatey to install software
  • Deploy:
    • Resource Groups
    • Storage Accounts
    • Virtual Networks
    • Subnets
    • Network Security Groups with firewall rules
    • Availability Sets and Load Balancers
    • Public IP addresses for your VMs/Load Balancers
    • VPN Gateways for site-to-site and point-to-site connections
  • Immediate feedback if your template is about to exceed the core limit in a location
  • Returns an object containing the information of what was deployed
  • Ability to append new VMs rather than always creating and updating the same ones
  • Add additional data drives to VMs and add them as new partitions


  • PowerShell v4.0+
  • PowerShellGet module
  • AzureRM module (installed via PowerShellGet: Install-Module AzureRM)


Fogg can be installed via Chocolatey:

choco install fogg

Bugs and Feature Requests

For any bugs you may find or features you wish to request, please create an issue in GitHub.

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