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arch-tetra SLiM Login Manager theme

This package contains minimal login theme for the SLiM login manager 

For proper viewing, this theme relies on the 'egdes' typeface (font),
from Artwiz (  These fonts 
may already be available from your distribution's repository.  

Arch Linux users can install them by running the following as root:

    # pacman -S artwiz-fonts

Installation will depend upon your distribution; typically SLiM themes
are placed in '/usr/share/slim/themes/'

Arch Linux users can install it with their preferred method via AUR:

Once installed, activate a given theme by editing the SLiM config,
located at '/etc/slim.conf' for Arch Linux users. Change the value for 
'current_theme' to the name of the theme folder:

    current_theme   arch-tetra