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Official .NET library (written in C#) to communicate with an obs-websocket server.

This library is available on the NuGet gallery
See the TestClient project for a working example.

v5 Updates

NOTE: As OBS Websocket v5.0 is not backward compatible with 4.9.x, neither is the .Net version.
What's new in v5.0.0.3:

  • Fixed issue with integer overflow for OutputStatus objects
    (Older updates):
  • Each event now has a dedicated EventArgs class. This will break the previous event signature
  • Finished adding all v5 methods
  • Connect() function is now obsolete, use ConnectAsync() instead.
  • Additional bugfixes and stability fixes

Please report issues/bugs via the Issues Tracker or discuss in our Discord

Dev Discussions

Discord: Discuss in #developers-chat in Bar Raiders

EOL for v4.x branch

NOTE: We will no longer be updating the v4.x branch as we move towards v5.0 (which is NOT backwards compatible).