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Gravner-Griffeath "Snowfake" generator
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Copyright © 2012 Bart Massey

[This is a work-in-progress. It does run (when given one argument describing the size of the snowfake to be built), but I don't think the simulation is quite right yet, and it's incredibly slow. I'll honestly probably not get to it until around next Christmas, though. :-)]

This code generates Gravner-Griffeath "Snowfakes", as described in

Janko Gravner and David Griffeath, "Modeling Snow Crystal Growth II: A mesoscopic lattice map with plausible dynamics", Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena (237)385–404 2008, URL accessed 2012/12/17.

Gravner and Griffeath's own C code has been generously made available on their website. However, I found this code fairly incomprehensible and hard to adapt to my purposes.

I am also aware of an open-source Python implementation by Giles Hall and Rachel Holmes, available on Github. However, even though it can use pypy, I am suspicious that I can improve its performance, and also clean up its output routines.

One of the primary purposes of this code base is to use SVG rather than a raster format as the underlying output representation. By rendering SVG hexagons, it is hoped that one can get a bit better view of what's going on.

This work is available under the "MIT License". Please see the file COPYING in this distribution for license terms.

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