What's Wrong - simple, quick first step when debugging any server issue
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What's wrong?

A simple bash script to do some basic checks on the system, and report any problems found. The basic concept is that this script should be run as a first step when debugging any issue. Nothing in the script requires root privileges to run.

Please note that there are some situations where this script may cause a system with problems to hang, for example if there are unavailable mounted volumes.

You can run on any system with internet access directly, even if the disks are remounted read-only:

curl https://raw.github.com/BashtonLtd/whatswrong/master/whatswrong | bash

Alternatively, as long as you have SSH access to the remote system you can download via your local machine, and then send and execute over SSH as follows:

curl https://raw.github.com/BashtonLtd/whatswrong/master/whatswrong | ssh $remote_server bash

You could add a commandline shortcut to this by appending the following to your .bashrc:

ww() { curl https://raw.github.com/BashtonLtd/whatswrong/master/whatswrong | ssh $1 bash; }

You can then run the script on any machine you have SSH access to with ww $remote_server

You may need to add -k to curl, however, beware that this increases the potential for a man-in-the-middle attack. As the script is not run as root, this is less serious than it might otherwise be, but should still be considered.