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Bcfg2 - A Configuration Management System

Bcfg2 (bee-config two) helps system administrators produce a
consistent, reproducible, and verifiable description of their
environment, and offers visualization and reporting tools to aid
in day-to-day administrative tasks. It is the fifth generation of
configuration management tools developed in the Mathematics and
Computer Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory.

* Homepage:

Bcfg2 is fairly portable. It has been successfully run on:

* AIX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD Mac OS X, OpenSolaris, Solaris
* Many GNU/Linux distributions, including Arch Linux, Blag, CentOS,
  Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, gNewSense, Mandriva, openSUSE, Red Hat/RHEL,
  SuSE/SLES, Trisquel, and Ubuntu.


For details about the installation of Bcfg2 please refer to the
following pages in the Bcfg2 online documentation:

* Prerequisites:
* Download:
* Installation:

Need help

A lot of documentation is available in the Bcfg2 manual and the Bcfg2 wiki.

* Documentation:
* Wiki:  
* FAQ:   
* IRC:             #bcfg2 on
* Mailing list:

Want to help

* Bug tracker:
* Development:
* Wiki:  

Bcfg2 is licensed under a Simplified (2-clause) BSD license. For more
details check LICENSE.