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  1. BeSimpleI18nRoutingBundle BeSimpleI18nRoutingBundle Public

    NOT MAINTAINED - Full routing internationalized on your Symfony project

    PHP 187 64

  2. BeSimpleSsoAuthBundle BeSimpleSsoAuthBundle Public

    NOT MAINTAINED - SSO authentication providers (Cas for now) for Symfony2

    PHP 126 76

  3. BeSimpleSoap BeSimpleSoap Public

    NOT MAINTAINED - Build SOAP and WSDL based web services

    PHP 106 136

  4. BeSimpleSoapBundle BeSimpleSoapBundle Public

    Forked from christiankerl/WebServiceBundle

    NOT MAINTAINED - [READ-ONLY] Subtree split of the BeSimpleSoap -- clone into BeSimple/SoapBundle/ (master at BeSimple/BeSimpleSoap). Please submit issues on BeSimple/BeSimpleSoap repository.

    PHP 61 67

  5. BeSimpleSoapClient BeSimpleSoapClient Public

    NOT MAINTAINED - [READ-ONLY] Subtree split of the BeSimpleSoap -- clone into BeSimple/SoapClient/ (master at BeSimple/BeSimpleSoap)

    PHP 57 55

  6. BeSimpleDeploymentBundle BeSimpleDeploymentBundle Public

    NOT MAINTAINED - A Symfony 2 bundle to ease deployment and shedule tasks within

    PHP 45 10


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