Beckhoff protocol to communicate with TwinCAT devices.
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This library is intended to provide easy use as ADS client applications running on non-windows systems (e.g. FreeBSD, Linux, macOS, ...) to communicate with TwinCAT devices via TCP/IP.

To build this library a recent compiler with C++11 support is required. 

Currently (2018-03-22) tested with:
FreeBSD 11.1 amd64      | clang 4.0.0
macOS 10.13.3           | clang 900.0.39.2
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x86_64 | gcc 6.3.0
Win7 64-bit             | gcc 6.4.0 + cygwin64
Win7 64-bit             | gcc 5.4.0 + cygwin32
Win7 64-bit             | MS Visual C++ 2015 (untended)

compile & usage
# clone the repository
git clone

# change into root of the cloned repository
cd ADS

# build the library

Prepare your target to run the example
- Download your PLC project to your target e.g. "PLC-TestProject" of our GitHub repository.
- Authorise your ADS client for the TwinCAT target by adding an AMS route.

Sample AMS route:
  Name:           MyAdsClient     
  AMS Net Id: # Derived from the IP address of your ADS client
  Address:     # Use the IP which is connected to the TwinCAT target
  Transport Type: TCP/IP
Routes can be configured by several possibilities
TwinCAT Engineering:  Go to the tree item SYSTEM/Routes and add a static route.
TwinCAT Systray:      Open the context menue by right click the TwinCAT systray icon. (not available on Windows CE devices) 
  TC2*: Go to Properties/AMS Router/Remote Computers
  TC3:  Go to  Router/Edit routes.
TcAmsRemoteMgr: Windows CE devices can be configured locally (TC2*/TC3). Tool location: /Hard Disk/System/TcAmsRemoteMgr.exe
IPC Diagnose: Beckhoff IPC’s provide a web interface for diagnose and configuration. Further information:

*Requires a TwinCAT restart.

- set "remoteNetId" and "remoteIpV4" and enable AdsSetLocalAddress() in "example/example.cpp" according to your own setup

# make sure you are in the correct directory
cd example/

# build

# and run the example
make test

AMS/ADS Specification: