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This is a set of C++ header files which can be used to write and
deploy C++ daemons with embedded support of the HTTP protocol.

It is a set of simple, lean and idiomatic wrappers for standard linux
and http functionality, rather than a "framework" in the classical
sense of the term.

Advantages of this library:

 * Tested over years of real-world load (thousands of requests per
   second) in a real production environment.

 * Designed for 64-bit Linux and modern C++.

 * Designed as a set of small, simple functions for doing common tasks
   well. This is closer to the "Unix philosophy" of solving problems
   rather than architecture astronautics of "frameworks".


 * Tested only on modern 64-bit Linux machines. Using the library
   under any other setup will likely result in failure.


Build requirements:

For building the library, you will need:

 * g++

 * The boost libraries and headers. 

Usage requirements:

 * A modern Linux running on a modern 64-bit CPU is required.


This is a collection of header files which do not need to be compiled.

*WARNING*: When linking your final app, you will need to link with the
'boost_thread' and 'boost_system' libraries!

Using the library: 

Please see the examples in 'examples/'. 

Proper API documentation is still a work in progress.


(c) 2011, ZAO "Begun"

This library is licensed under the GNU LGPL. Please see the file LICENSE.