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Limits blocks and entities on islands - for BentoBox
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Add-on for BentoBox to limit island blocks and entities in GameModes like BSkyBlock and AcidIsland. This add-on will work in any game mode world.

How to use

  1. Place the Limits addon jar in the addons folder of the BentoBox plugin
  2. Restart the server
  3. The addon will create a data folder and inside the folder will be a config.yml
  4. Edit the config.yml how you want.
  5. Restart the server if you make a change


There is a user command and an admin command called "limits". Admins can check the limits of a specific island owner. Both show a GUI panel with the limits and the current count.

Setup - Config.yml

The config.yml has the following sections:

  • blocklimits
  • worlds
  • entitylimits


This section lists the maximum number of blocks allowed for each block material. Do not use non-block materials because they will not work. The limits apply to all game worlds.


This section lists block limits for specific worlds. You must name the world specifically, e.g. AcidIsland_world and then list the materials and the limit.


Coming soon!


Island owners can have exclusive permissions that override the default or world settings. The format is:

Format is GAME-MODE-NAME.island.limit.MATERIAL.LIMIT

example: bskyblock.island.limit.hopper.10

Permissions activate when the player logs in.

Usage permissions are (put the gamemode name, e.g. acidisland at the front):

    description: Player can use limits command
    default: true
    description: Player can use admin limits command
    default: op
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