Generates an addon zip file from a Git or SVN checkout.
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Cannot retrieve the latest commit at this time. generates an addon zip file from a Git or SVN checkout. works by creating a new project directory, checking out external repositories within the project directory, then copying files from the checkout into the project directory. The project directory is then zipped to create a distributable addon zip file. can also upload your zip file to CurseForge, WoWInterface, and GitHub (as a release), but requires jq. See Usage for more info. reads .pkgmeta and supports the following directives. See the CurseForge Knowledge Base page for more info.

  • externals (Git and SVN) Caveats: An external's .pkgmeta is only parsed for ignore and will not have localization keywords replaced.
  • ignore
  • license-output (creates an All Rights Reserved license)
  • manual-changelog
  • move-folders
  • package-as
  • enable-nolib-creation (defaults to no) Unlike using the Curse packager, manually uploading nolib packages has no affect for client users that choose to download libraries separately.

You can also use a few directives for WoWInterface uploading.

  • wowi-archive-previous : yes|no (defaults to yes) Archive the previous release.
  • wowi-create-changelog : yes|no (defaults to yes) Generate a Git changelog using BBCode that will be set when uploading. A manual changelog will always be used if set in the .pkgmeta. If you have pandoc installed, manual changelogs in Markdown format will be converted to BBCode; otherwise, the manual changelog will be used as-is. supports the following repository substitution keywords when copying the files from the checkout into the project directory. See the CurseForge Knowledge Base page for more info.

  • @alpha@...@end-alpha@
  • @debug@...@end-debug@
  • @do-not-package@...@end-do-not-package@
  • @localization(locale="locale", format="format", ...)@
    • escape-non-ascii
    • handle-unlocalized
    • handle-subnamespaces="concat"
    • key
    • namespace
    • same-key-is-true
    • table-name
  • @no-lib-strip@...@end-no-lib-strip@
  • @non-alpha@...@end-non-alpha@
  • @non-debug@...@end-non-debug@
  • @file-revision@
  • @project-revision@
  • @file-hash@
  • @project-hash@
  • @file-abbreviated-hash@
  • @project-abbreviated-hash@
  • @file-author@
  • @project-author@
  • @file-date-iso@
  • @project-date-iso@
  • @file-date-integer@
  • @project-date-integer@
  • @file-timestamp@
  • @project-timestamp@
  • @project-version@ reads the TOC file, if present, to determine the name of the project. assumes that tags (Git annotated tags and SVN tags) are named for the version numbers for the project. It will identify if the HEAD is tagged and use that as the current version number. It will search back through parent commits for the previous tag that is a release version number and generate a changelog containing the commits since that previous release tag.

By default, creates releases in the .release subdirectory of the top-level directory of the checkout.


The recommended way to include in a project is to:

  1. Create a .release subdirectory in your top-level checkout.
  2. Copy into the .release directory.
  3. Ignore the .release subdirectory in .gitignore.
  4. Run


Usage: [-cdelLosuz] [-t topdir] [-r releasedir] [-p curse-id] [-w wowi-id] [-g game-version]
  -c               Skip copying files into the package directory.
  -d               Skip uploading.
  -e               Skip checkout of external repositories.
  -l               Skip @localization@ keyword replacement.
  -L               Only do @localization@ keyword replacement (skip upload to CurseForge).
  -o               Keep existing package directory, overwriting its contents.
  -s               Create a stripped-down "nolib" package.
  -u               Use Unix line-endings.
  -z               Skip zip file creation.
  -t topdir        Set top-level directory of checkout.
  -r releasedir    Set directory containing the package directory. Defaults to "$topdir/.release".
  -p curse-id      Set the project id used on CurseForge for localization and uploading.
  -w wowi-id       Set the addon id used on WoWInterface for uploading.
  -g game-version  Set the game version to use for CurseForge uploading.

The following environment variables are necessary for uploading: