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In this repository, you will find "public bookcases" exported from website:

Note: publish those data under CC-BY-NC-SA license.

Those bookcases are mainly located in France and french speaking countries. You can display them in OsmAnd, JOSM, uMap etc.

View all bookcases (OSM +

Map of OSM bookcases and 2020-09-28 dataset

In this map:

  • OSM bookcases are displayed in green on zoom 14+ with 1 hour cache
  • bookcases are displayed in red

View only

You can view all bookcases from those data here:

Date Bookcases Map
2020-09-28 6740 Map with 2020-09-28 data
2019-12-01 5551 Map with 2019-12-01 data
2019-09-07 5206 Map with 2019-09-07 data
2019-05-27 4795 Map with 2019-05-27 data

Repo hierarchy

  • YYYY-MM-DD: date I export data from the website.
    • bookcase.gpx: file to use in OsmAnd, JOSM, etc.
    • bookcases_from_website.csv: file from website.
    • bookcases_from_website_fixed.csv: manualy refined data, I fixed some errors.



Those "supposed bookcases" needs to be checked by a survey in real life, on the field.

You need to go on each "supposed bookcases", check if it exists, then you can add this bookcase in OSM.

How to use data ?

The main goal of those data is to find potential bookcases. So you can grab/exchange some books. You may also want to use those data to improve OpenStreetMap. But you need to check if those bookcases exists in real life before adding it in OpenStreetMap

With OsmAnd ?

NB: i do not recommand to import the whole file "bookcase.gpx" because OsmAnd will become lagguy. Instead use the gpx in "Régions Françaises" folder.

  1. Download bookcase.gpx from the latest export
  2. Copy bookcase.gpx to your device
  3. Open OsmAnd on your device
  4. Go to Favorites
  5. Use the button + (import button)
  6. Select file bookcase.gpx
  7. It's done, bookcases are displayed on the map

Bookcases in OsmAnd

With JOSM ?

  1. Download bookcase.gpx from the latest export
  2. Use button Open File in JOSM
  3. Select file bookcase.gpx
  4. It's done, bookcase are displayed on the map

How to extract and transform data ?

If those data are not enougth fresh, you can make new file "bookcase.gpx" yourself.

Extract & clean data

  1. Go to
  2. Click on link "Téléchargez toutes les coordonnées"
  3. Open the CSV with LibreOffice (or anything else)
  4. Remove bookcases without no GPS value
  5. Remove bookcases with comment like "MAJ : n'existe plus" and so on
  6. Repair broken lines (there is some ; in the data)
  7. [Not mandatory] Parse GPS in 2 differents columns
  8. [Not mandatory] Prepare data:
    • Remove "
    • Remove line with comment "n'existe plus"
  9. Save as CSV

Convert CSV to GPX

  1. Go to
  2. Copy CSV content in the input field
  3. Click on button "Convert"
  4. Wait for the file to be converted
  5. Click on button "Copy output to clipboard"
  6. Paste it in a new file bookcase.gpx
  7. Save the file on your computer

[Not mandatory] Filter bookcase by french region

  1. Open JOSM and import file asset/contours-des-regions-francaises-sur-openstreetmap.geojson
  2. Import bookcase.gpx
  3. Convert it to OSM data
  4. Duplicate this layer for every region
  5. Manually remove bookcase for each region

(If someone has a faster way to do it, contact me or create an issue here)


Date Bookcases Bookcase without description
2020-09-28 6740 1093
2019-12-01 5551 919
2019-09-07 5206 842
2019-05-27 4795 764

Stats by region 2019-12-01

Region Bookcases
France 5291
Nouvelle Aquitaine 871
Ile de France 671
Auvergne Rhone-Alpes 646
Grand Est 448
Occitanie 436
Hauts de France 361
Pays de la Loire 361
Bretagne 359
Normandie 311
Centre Val de Loire 300
Bourgogne Franche-Comte 288
PACA 240
Corse 9

NB: I duplicate some bookcases on boundaries.


Bookcase map with data exported from








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