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ImageJ's plugin for directional analysis in images: color-coded analysis, distribution of orientation, vector field, keypoint detection
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ImageJ plugins for directional analysis in images

Written by Daniel Sage at the Biomedical Image Group (BIG), EPFL, Switzerland


The aim is to characterize the orientation and isotropy properties of a region of interest (ROI) in an image, based on the evaluation of the gradient structure tensor in a local neighborhood. The theoretical background is fully described in this PDF document. The software OrientationJ automates the orientation analysis. It is a series of Java plugins for ImageJ. OrientationJ has four functionalities: performing a visual representation of the orientation of a image, creation of a vector field map, plotting the distribution of orientations, and detection of keypoints (Harris Corner). OrientationJ has also others tools: the manual measurement of the orientation and coherency in a ROI, the computation of the dominant orientation, the alignment of images based on the gradient structure tensor and some test images (chirp).


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