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Janeway Logo

Janeway is a journal platform designed for publishing scholarly research material. It is developed and maintained by the Centre for Technology and Publishing at Birkbeck, University of London.


Janeway is written in Python (3.5+) and utilises the Django framework (1.11 LTS).

Installation instructions

Developer installation instructions are available on our Wiki.

A guide for installing on the live environment with apache and mod_wsgi is also available.

Janeway design principles

  1. No code should appear to work "by magic". Readability is key.

  2. Testing will be applied to security modules and whenever a post-launch bugfix is committed. We do not aim for total testing but selective regression testing.

  3. Security bugs jump the development queue and are a priority.

  4. We will never accept commits of, or ourselves write, paywall features into Janeway.


Janeway is available under the terms of the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (Version 3, 19 November 2007).


We welcome all code contributions via Pull Requests where they can be reviewed and suggestions for enhancements via Issues. We do not currently have a code of conduct for this repo but expect contributors to be courteous to one another.


If you wish to get in touch about Janeway, contact information is provided below.

Project Lead - Martin Paul Eve, martin.eve@bbk.ac.uk

Lead Developer - Andy Byers, a.byers@bbk.ac.uk


  • v1.0 Kathryn released 10/08/17
  • v1.1 Chakotay released 01/09/17
  • v1.2 Tuvok released 06/11/17
  • v1.3 Doctor released 10/08/18