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A google app script to post articles from to


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A google app script to post articles from to This is a reversed script of News api to slack and sheet to blogger Need Further development in terms of full article retrieval using readability.js > trigger need to run with out authentications then only it will run continuously: righ now it needs to open the auth link after some time : Avoiding duplication of post :

what is capable right now post articles to blogger with featured image and small description I am not a coder so implementing features is bit hard for me ;

How to Use

Goto create new project and replace with the codes these any .gs files there are two versions one is script app version which usually run for the trigger without authentication another one is oauth version which requires client id and client secret you need to create that from the project replace your blog id and newsapi api codes add appscript manifest details as well . run post to blog function and check log as well .


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