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An ES6/7 MV* framework for creating highly animated applications for Mobile/Desktop/Web/SmartTV in JavaScript
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Arva is an ES6/7 MV* framework for cross-platform applications that provides a remarkable development experience. You'll be able to code faster, write more robust and manageable code, and you'll be able to easily build views that scale on a large number of device resolutions.

Why Arva?

  • Cross-platform Applications compile into apps for web, Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and Smart TVs.
  • Ease of development Uses novel ES6/7 features to make code concise and maintainable.
  • Animations Highly customizable 60fps animations of everything on-screen.
  • Data integration Realtime data synchronisation without headaches, seamlessly integrating with Firebase as well as SharePoint.

Core components

  • App The entry point of your application, defining the controllers and their routes.
  • Controllers Manage the control flow and business logic of your application.
  • Views Define the way your app looks, feels, and interacts.
  • Models Take care of two-way realtime data binding.

Enjoy the benefit of 60 fps animations cross-platform in an enterprise grade style.


You can read the latest documentation about Arva here.


Important note: We don't support installing Arva from npm and bower (yet). We know these platforms are very popular and we will consider these for the near future.

To get started, clone the Arva Seed project as described in the documentation.


NPOSL-3.0 - A variant of the Open Software License 3.0, this license requires that the organization using it is a non-profit and that no revenue is generated from sale of the software.

Other licenses are available upon request, contact for more information.

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