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A utility for database migrations with pg.

The module create a simple migrations table to record the schema version.


npm install --save @blackglory/pg-migrations
# or
yarn add @blackglory/pg-migrations


interface IMigration {
  version: number
  up: string | ((client: Client) => PromiseLike<void>)
  down: string | ((client: Client) => PromiseLike<void>)

You may need migration-files.


function migrate(
  client: Client
, migrations: IMigration[]
, targetVersion = getMaximumVersion(migrations)
, migrationsTable: string = 'migrations'
, advisoryLockKey: bigint = BigInt('-9223372036854775808') // The smallest bigint for postgres
): Promise<void>


Can multiple instances migrate in parallel?

Yes, it uses advisory lock to ensure that only one instance is migrating at a time. When the maximum migration version is less than the database schema version (which means it is an obsolete instance), it will skip the migration.

What if my migration requires more than one connection?

You can get all connection configurations through properties to create a new pg.Client. It is important to note that the custom client you create is not part of the migration transaction.