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Blazored TextEditor

Rich Text Editor for Blazor applications - Uses Quill JS


Sample Applications

Helpful Articles


You can install from NuGet using the following command:

Install-Package Blazored.TextEditor

Or via the Visual Studio package manger.


Blazor Server applications will need to include the following CSS and JS files in their Pages\_Host.cshtml (or Pages/_Layout.cshtml if using .Net 6).

In the head tag add the following CSS.

    <link href="//" rel="stylesheet">
    <link href="//" rel="stylesheet">

Then add the JS script at the bottom of the page using the following script tag.

    <script src=""></script>
    <script src="_content/Blazored.TextEditor/quill-blot-formatter.min.js"></script>
    <script src="_content/Blazored.TextEditor/Blazored-BlazorQuill.js"></script>

NOTE If you're using Blazor WebAssembly then these need to be added to your wwwroot\index.html.

You can add the following using statement to your main _Imports.razor to make referencing the component a bit easier.

@using Blazored.TextEditor


Below is a list of all the options available on the Text Editor.


  • ToolbarContent (optional) - Allows the user to define the Toolbar (above the editor control, or in-line when using the bubble theme, and a user highlights text in the editor).
  • EditorContent (optional) - Allows the user to define the initial content


  • ReadOnly (Optional - Default: false) - Determines if the editor will load in read-only mode. This mode can be toggled.
  • Placeholder (Optional - Default: Compose an epic...) - The text to show when editor is empty.
  • Theme (Optional - Default: snow) - Use snow to show the Toolbar on top of the editor, and bubble for inline editing.
  • DebugLevel (Optional - Default: info) - Determines the level of debug information returned to the web browser console window. Options are error, warn, log, or info.


  • GetText - Gets the content of the editor as Text.
  • GetHTML - Gets the content of the editor as HTML.
  • GetContent - Gets the content of the editor in the native Quill JSON Delta format.
  • LoadContent (json) - Allows the content of the editor to be programmatically set.
  • LoadHTMLContent (string) - Allows the content of the editor to be programmatically set.
  • InsertImage (string) - Inserts an image at the current point in the editor.
  • InsertText (string) - Inserts text at the current point in the editor.

Basic Example

(see code in the Index.razor page in the repo for more examples)

@using Blazored.TextEditor

<BlazoredTextEditor @ref="@QuillHtml">
        <select class="ql-header">
            <option selected=""></option>
            <option value="1"></option>
            <option value="2"></option>
            <option value="3"></option>
            <option value="4"></option>
            <option value="5"></option>
        <span class="ql-formats">
            <button class="ql-bold"></button>
            <button class="ql-italic"></button>
            <button class="ql-underline"></button>
            <button class="ql-strike"></button>
        <span class="ql-formats">
            <select class="ql-color"></select>
            <select class="ql-background"></select>
        <span class="ql-formats">
            <button class="ql-list" value="ordered"></button>
            <button class="ql-list" value="bullet"></button>
        <span class="ql-formats">
            <button class="ql-link"></button>
        <h4>This Toolbar works with HTML</h4>
        <a href=""></a>
<br />
<button class="btn btn-primary" 
        @onclick="GetHTML">Get HTML</button>
<button class="btn btn-primary"
        @onclick="SetHTML">Set HTML</button>
<br />
    <br />
<br />

@code {

BlazoredTextEditor QuillHtml;
string QuillHTMLContent;

    public async void GetHTML()
        QuillHTMLContent = await this.QuillHtml.GetHTML();

    public async void SetHTML()
        string QuillContent =
            @"<a href=''>" +
            "<img src='images/BlazorHelpWebsite.gif' /></a>";

        await this.QuillHtml.LoadHTMLContent(QuillContent);

Rich Text Screenshot


Read Only Screenshot


Blazored TextEditor Forks