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Making beautiful light shows is as easy as drawing a picture with Pattern Paint!
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Making beautiful light shows is as easy as drawing a picture with Pattern Paint! Simply plug in your BlinkyTape, run Pattern Paint, and draw away!

For instructions, see:


PatternPaint is written in C++ with QT (5.4.1) libraries. The easiest way to get started is to download QT Creator and use it to open the project file:

Build and deployment instructions for OS X:


Xcode (for clang compiler and git)

Find and install through the App Store

QT dev environment (Qt 5.4.1 for Mac):

Developer certificate (optional, for signing the application)

  • First, sign up for an Apple developer account and pay up to get the account. Then, in Xcode:
  • xcode->preference->accounts
  • add ID for dev account
  • click ‘view details'
  • click '+' to add ‘developer ID application’ and ‘developer ID Installer’

Manual Build

  1. Set up the QT environment:

    export QTDIR=~/Qt5.4.1/5.4/clang_64/

  2. Create a new directory and Download the repository:

    cd $(mktemp -d -t PatternPaint) git clone

  3. Build PatternPaint:

    cd PatternPaint/PatternPaint rm -R build/ ${QTDIR}/bin/qmake MOC_DIR=build OBJECTS_DIR=build RCC_DIR=build UI_DIR=build DESTDIR=bin VERSION=1.6.1 make cd ..

  4. Use the bundler tool to make a .dmg file, signing it in the process:

    ${QTDIR}/bin/macdeployqt PatternPaint/bin/ -codesign="Developer ID Application: Blinkinlabs, LLC" -dmg codesign --verify --verbose=4 PatternPaint/bin/

  5. Test the signature:

    hdiutil mount PatternPaint/bin/PatternPaint.dmg codesign --verify --verbose=4 /Volumes/PatternPaint:bin:PatternPaint/ umount /Volumes/PatternPaint:bin:PatternPaint/

  6. Change the dmg name to include the version, for example PatternPaint_0.1.0.dmg

    mv PatternPaint/bin/PatternPaint.dmg ./PatternPaint_1.6.1.dmg

  7. Distribute!

Build and deployment instructions for Windows:


Windows deployment requires the following tools:


Note: be sure to check 'Run Git from the Windows Command Prompt' and 'Checkout Windows-style'.

The QT dev environment (Qt 5.3.2 for Windows 32-bit (MinGW 4.8.2, OpenGL):

NSIS (3.0b1), for generating the installer:

Dependency Walker, for tracking down which DLLs need to be included with the release:

Windows SDK (version 8.1):

Windows Driver Kit (version 8.0):

NOTE: Obtain the GlobalSign file and install the Blinkinlabs Cert before continuing.

Building a Pattern Paint Release

Start Git bash (start->run->git bash)

Note: if the automatic build fails, it's probably because a version number of a file changed slightly. This is a fairly brittle build system.

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