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Hackintosh information and files for HP Pavillion ck069tx laptop
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Hackintosh information and files for HP Pavillion ck069tx laptop

What is there

  • There are dsdt files available to disable discrete graphics.
  • Installer links
  • Guides (Not Vanilla)
  • Patches as the issues arrive


The exact setup of my system is a triple boot with arch linux as daily driver, windows as a fallback and rock solid base and finally capping of with mac os for the purpose of swift coding.

The arch distro used is Manjaro with gnome customized with exact details on a different repo. The mac os version is the High Sierra one but installed using a distro and dsdt patches given.


The system currently contains :

  • i5 8 generation processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • MX150 Graphics card (2 GB)
  • Kingston SSDNow A400 : 480 GB
  • Default WiFi module

Hence the system is pretty much stock with only Hard drive replaced


  • Discrete graphics don't work, even with nv_disable=1


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