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An interactive graph for song lyric visualization
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This project uses vis.js to create interactive graphs of song lyrics.

Each word in a song is presented as a node, with size according to number of occurrences. Edges are created based on word proximity in the song (so words directly before/after are linked) allowing you to follow the edges and read the song out loud. The graph uses a physics simulation, so you can drag nodes around to coarsly re-shape the graph. supplies the lyrics, free for non-commercial use.

Try it here:

Installation and Use

Download and run npm install to install required components (express, body-parser, and xml2js)
Run index.js to start the server, then navigate to localhost:8080 to view the graph.

Enter a song title and artist name into the input fields to search for a song. If found, a graph will be generated, otherwise a popup will alert you that the song could not be found.


Here are a few graphs to show what the project does

It's Not Unusual - Belly
alt tag

Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix
alt tag

Lose Yourself - Eminem
(Zoomed in to see words)
alt tag

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