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Gallifrey will make anyone a Jira time lord!

A simple, light-weight Jira time logging companion to help you travel the Jira universe!


Gallifrey has a beta and stable version of the app. Please note, the Beta is the current work in progress & I cannot guarantee that it is 100% stable!

Download Links

Installing on Windows 8+ will alert with SmartScreen, you should be able to "Run Anyway" until I can afford a proper certificate, there is no way around this! After a couple of runs, the warning should stop


Please help us keep this project up and running by donating. Click Here to donate


You can get app support via twitter or via email. There is also a Slack workspace. We are using GitHub issues to maintain a backlog and track bugs, so feel free to raise issues there (


Feel free to contribute, but please read the wiki ( first to familiarise yourself with the correct processes and way we do things. :)

3rd Party Libraries

Gallifrey makes use of the following libraries:

3rd Party Resources


Gallifrey is licenced under GPLv3. Full details of this licence can be found in the "LICENCE" file in the root of this repository