Simple program to link multiple torrent clients into a small tool.
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TorrentSwitch: Tie multiple torrent managers into one simple tool

A program that links multiple torrent clients into a simple manager. This allows users to add multiple torrent managers which are running on different systems/devices. Adding multiple instances of the same torrent manager are possible, allowing the user to set multiple download folders, something many torrent managers do not support. This program makes torrent distribution accross multiple platforms easy.


TorrentSwitch can be associated with torrent files and magnet links. On first start a client or multiple clients need to be added so the program have something to work with. Each new client creates a new column in the main dataGrid. When openning a torrent or magnet link the program recognizes it and loads the file/link. From there the user can choose where to forward the torrent from the avalaible clients.

Example usage:

uTorrent running on Windows machine Deluge running on NAS

After adding both clients to TorrentSwitch all magnet links and torrent files will be opened by the program. From the program the user can choose which manager to send the torrents to. This makes torrent distribution accross multiple platforms easy.

This project is using the BencodeNet library.

What does this program NOT do

Download files/torrents Stop/pause torrents Monitor torrents


The release comes with a installer.


Torrent files supported

Magnet links supported

Drag-N-Drop supported

Loading torrents as arguments supported

Supported Torrent Clients

Clients Send torrent Set label Set custom path

Vuze works only with the Vuze Web Remote plugin

Planned torrent clients


Planned torrent features

Import/export settings

Contact me if you have a client or a feature you would like added.


if you find any problem contact me or try to fix it and I will merge your pull request