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My collection of useful functions, scripts, snippets and templates written by myself.


Automate all the Things!


How to install the module?

  1. Download the latest Release
  2. Copy the folder Module\LazyAdmin to C:\Users\%username%\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\
  3. Open up a PowerShell as an admin and set the execution policy: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  4. Import the Module with the command Import-Module LazyAdmin (Maybe add this command to your PowerShell profile)

Available functions:

Folder: File

Function Description Help
Find-StringInFile Find a string in one or multiple files 📖
Test-IsFileBinary Test if a file is binary 📖
Update-StringInFile Replace a string in one or multiple files 📖

Folder: Software

Function Description Help
Get-InstalledSoftware Get all installed software with DisplayName, Publisher and UninstallString 📖

Folder: Network

Function Description Help
Clear-ARPCache Clear the ARP cache 📖
Convert-IPv4Address Convert an IPv4-Address to Int64 and vise versa 📖
Convert-Subnetmask Convert a subnetmask to CIDR and vise versa 📖
Get-ARPCache Get the ARP cache 📖
Get-IPv4Subnet Calculate a subnet based on an IP-Address and the subnetmask or CIDR 📖
Get-MACAddress Get the MAC-Address from a remote computer 📖
Get-MACVendor Get Vendor from a MAC-Address 📖
Get-WLANProfile Get WLAN profiles, include password as SecureString or as plain text 📖
Invoke-IPv4NetworkScan Powerful asynchronus IPv4 Network Scanner to scan an IP-Range or subnet 📖
Invoke-IPv4PortScan Powerful asynchronus IPv4 Port Scanner to scan a TCP Port-Range 📖
Send-WakeOnLan Send a network message to turn on or wake up a remote computer 📖
Split-IPv4Subnet Split a subnet in multiple subnets with given subnetmasks 📖

Folder: Security

Function Description Help
ConvertFrom-Base64 Convert a Base64 encoded string to a plain text string 📖
ConvertTo-Base64 Convert a text (command) to an Base64 encoded string 📖
Get-RandomPassword Generate passwords with a freely definable number of characters 📖
Get-RandomPIN Generate PINs with freely definable number of numbers 📖

Folder: TrustedHost

Function Description Help
Add-TrustedHost Add a trusted host (WinRM) 📖
Get-TrustedHost Get trusted hosts (WinRM) 📖
Remove-TrustedHost Remove a trusted host (WinRM) 📖
Set-TrustedHost Set a trusted host (WinRM) 📖

Folder: Windows

Function Description Help
Get-LastBootTime Get the time when a computer is booted 📖
Get-WindowsProductKey Get the Windows product key and some usefull informations about the system 📖

Folder: Other

Function Description Help
Get-ConsoleColor Get all available console colors 📖


Script Description Help
Convert-ROT13 Rotate lower and upper chars by n places (Caesar cipher) 📖
Convert-ROT47 Rotate ascii chars by n places (Caesar cipher) 📖
OptimizePowerShellStartup.ps1 Optimize PowerShell startup by reduce JIT compile time with ngen.exe 📖


Snippet Description
ConnectToExchange2010.ps1 Connect to Exchange 2010 Management Shell in script
CredentialParameter.ps1 Parameter to pass credentials into a function/script
DefaultDisplayPropertySet.ps1 Set the default properties of an object
New-Object.ps1 Create a new PSObject with custom properties
PressAnyKeyToContinue.ps1 Wait until the user pressed a key
PromptForChoice.ps1 Prompt for choice
PSCustomObject.ps1 Create a new PSObject with custom properties (faster than New-Object/Add-Member)
RewriteInLine.ps1 Rewrite in Line (Write-Host "xx% complete")
SelfElevatingScript.ps1 Self elevate a PowerShell script/console with parameters
Send-MailMessage.ps1 Send a mail message via PowerShell


Regex Description
IPv4Address.ps1 Validate an IPv4-Address like
MACAddress.ps1 Validate a MAC-Address like 00:00:00:00:00:00 or 00-00-00-00-00-00 or 000000000000
Subnetmask.ps1 Validate an Subnetmask like


Template Description
Default.ps1 Default template for new scripts Default template for documentation on GitHub
RunspacePool.ps1 RunspacePool template - run code asynchron (faster than PSJobs)
ScheduledTask_Logging.ps1 Template to run a script as scheduled task with logging