Autocompletes Java Methods in Sublime Text 2
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#Display Functions (Sublime Text 2 Plugin)

###*Java Only*


####Displays an object's methods in autocomplete box.


Pressing 'period' after an object opens ST2's autocomplete, loaded with all of the objects methods

*NOTE* if a method is not showing up, make sure that object's file is saved


  • NEW - Supports 'super'
  • NEW - Adds methods of the parent classes
  • Supports 'chained' methods:
    • i.e. someObj.getVal()|
  • Supports some of Java's default objects (String and Object)
  • Offers a very simple way to add more of Java's default objects (for example: if you use Scanner or Random)
    • Just create a txt file with the filename as the Object type, then add methods = self.check_str(classname, "NAME") where NAME is the name of file