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Yet Another CPK Tool. Tool for the extracting, packing, and patching of CRIWARE CPK files.
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Yet Another CPK Tool

This application is for the reading, extracting, packing, patching of CRIWARE's CPK format.
It is designed in mind to be used by both those who don't need to understand using the command prompt-- they just want to extract or repack-- and by those who need some more technical options. As such, this tool can be used in either a simple drag-n-drop means or via the command prompt for more options and information.
For more information, I strongly advise reading the real README contained in the YACT folder.


I have provided compiled releases of this tool under Releases.
If you just want a link to the latest compiled build, then click here.


  • Visual Studio 2017
  • .NET Framework 4.6


  • Clone or download this git
  • Open Solution in Visual Studio
  • Build Solution
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