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This project provides a framework that allows EMF object instances to be persisted to MongoDB. If you have worked with the EMF, then you already know how easy it is to create domain models. Now, you can persist those models to MongoDB with very little additional code. All of the CRUD functions are supported along with a basic query language for finding objects.


This project is licensed under Eclipse Public License 1.0


Repositories are available for both p2 and Bndtools. Right-click on the appropriate link, choose Copy Link, and paste the URL into the corresponding repository tool.



A MongoEMF Google Group is available for community discussions.


Contributions of any type are greatly appreciated. Please see the Development page for setting up your development environment. Here are the top tasks that could use some help:

  • Improve the documentation
  • Convert to Bndtools
  • Set up builds on Travis CI
  • Improve the unit tests
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