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What is it?

Terra++ is a fork of Terra 1 to 1 (a mod that utilizes public online datasets to generate the Earth's structures and features without any unfamiliar blocks or biomes at a 1 to 1 scale) which aims to greatly improve the performance, fix bugs and add new, useful and fast features to the original mod.

The mod is constantly being worked on and being updated as we add more features and fine tune the mod to achieve a better connection between the real world and the world of blocks.

The latest version can always be compiled from our Github, however a version of it will always be included with the BTE modpack, and we'll do our best to keep it up to date.


  • Major roads, minor roads and Grass Pathways from OpenStreetMap
  • Elevation and biome placement using public terrain datasets.
  • Procedural Tree placement
  • Oceans based on elevation with depth data
  • "Customize World" GUI that does not require MalisisCore
  • Teleport by latitude and longitude using /tpll latitude longitude [elevation]
  • Ore spawning just below surface
  • Caves, Dungeons, and other standard underground features are still available and procedurally generated using CubicWorldGen as a baseline. Though, they are left disabled by default unless modified in the generator settings.

Commands and Permissions

  • Click Here to view a list of all commands and permissions




Stable releases of TerraPlusPlus are uploaded on our curseforge page. Builds for every commit can be found on our Jenkins Page kindly hosted by @DaPorkchop_

If you want to build it yourself manually, even though Jenkins does it for you, here are the building instructions.